February 15, 2006

Ysorsevolmot, if you please

The Hindu carried a "Happy Valentine's" special supplement on Sunday Feb 12, and I was extremely pleased that they did. Because tucked away in those four pages, I found a little item titled "Love Spells". Two such spells are ... well, spelled out. Both fascinating, but since I found the second one particularly outstanding, I shall inflict it on you. Here we go.
    Love Mantra
    For this spell take a piece of paper and write the sentence "XX loves XX". For example your name is Tom and her name is Rosy. So you write "Tom loves Rosy". Now we reverse the sentence completely letter by letter. So it will be "ysor sevol mot". After this take a green pen and on a fresh piece of paper write the reversed sentence without any space; "ysorsevolmot". Carry this paper with you for some days and seven times in the day read it aloud saying each letter individually like Y S O R S ... Last but not the least when he or she falls in love with you, throw this paper in a lake or river.
Very good! A terrific spell indeed! And since my name is not Tom and I know no Rosy, I wrote "XX loves XX", reversed it to read "XX sevol XX", then took a green pen and wrote "xxsevolxx", and I'm carrying it about, reading it aloud ...

... excuse me, I had to take a break, that was one of the seven times today I had to read it aloud.

Goes well, I read it letter by letter: "X X S E V ... ". Only problem is, every time I do it, my wife and kids come into the room and stare strangely at me. Then my wife calls the police.

Also, I'm on the lookout for a lake or river. Because as soon as XX falls in love with me, I will need one of those bodies of water.

Also, I would like to know who XX is, preferably before they fall in love with me.


IdeaSmith said...

Hee hee...my blog is called XX..do dat count?

Vikrum said...


That's hilarious. Does Mahim Creek or the Mithi River count as rivers?

Anonymous said...

XX is a what, not a who. It was one of those dreaded grades one could get due to lack of attendance at IITB.

I'm growing concerned about rivers and lakes. See, even Vikrum here is looking out for rivers to throw that paper in. Perhaps this mantra could help explaining the condition of Powai lake.

Anonymous said...

all the paper in the lake is love, da

Sharvari said...

Hey Dilip,
This mantra won't work for you. You should write "Dilip loves XX" in reverse. I am sure XX already loves XX (assuming XX is constant and not a variable). :D