March 11, 2006

Curves with a bottle

The sand dunes at Sam west of Jaisalmer are, more than anything else, sensuous. They sprawl about like the folds and curves and crevices of a woman's body, gentle and soft. There's almost a certain disrespect in stomping all over them, and yet camels with people on them do it all the time. But what gets me are the bottles and Frooti boxes and Lays wafers packets and assorted other junk, tossed on them.

That's a gorgeous shape, pal. Why do you fling your empty bottle of White Stag whisky on it?


Anil P said...

Those are their temporary identities that folks leave behind, or are compelled to. Maybe there is something vicariously pleasurable in spoiling beauty. God alone knows.

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

I hatesss it, I hatess it, I hatesss it forever!
Driving through the night to Jaisalmer? Damn.

The only way I'd envy you more was if you did it on a Bullet.


Anonymous said...

A simple explanation - No civic sense. Add to this the new junk creators - simply the worst of both worlds