March 02, 2006

Maybe that's "growling"

Under the Right to Information Act, someone called Nitin Goel asked the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security for some information last December. He paid his Rs 10. BCAS replied to Goel on December 22.

I don't know what reply Goel got, but what was the information he asked for?

"Grovelling of CISF jawans at Mumbai airport for visiting film actor Shri Jackie Chans [sic]."

Don't believe me? Check here.

Gotta love a country where you can ask questions about people grovelling, and actually get a reply.

(I have to thank my rum-loving friend Veeresh M for this. You may hear more about him here soon).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We should really love such a country considering what's happening in China.