April 20, 2006

Man, bowls, arch

Three pictures taken in Bombay in the last week. Where? Bonus: which one was taken by a six-year-old?


Anonymous said...

using heights and distances from high school -- the young-'un shot the old-'un. QED

Anonymous said...

the arch, sir.

it looks younger :)

Anonymous said...

the second one by sahir

Bombay Addict said...

Tempted to give the obvious answer - Masjid.

Also tempted to give vague answers - Somewhere on Mohd. Ali Road, Pydhonie, the masjid I see on my left when I'm driving on JJ Flyover (north-bound)..

And then there would be wild cards like - Bandra and Mahim

Something tells me none of above are right. But have I missed by a big margin (obv. ignore wild cards)?

I'd say the second snap (trunk with the bowls) is answer to Bonus qt.

Thanks. Also awesome pix in your earlier post.

zap said...

Falkland road and then finally ending at Thakurdwar?? :)

Bonus qt answer - snap one