April 09, 2006

Put a defferent word

Who are the poets (I use that word advisedly) who wrote these two poems (I use that word advisedly too)? And why did they write them? And why can't I write such excellent stuff?

(Note: This may remind one of you reading this of a certain file of clippings which I'd like back...)

    Nicky Nacky Noo

    Tum tum tum de tum
    This is apoem I sings a lot
    to make me very vary hapy.
    I fink it will look good on a poster two.
    and a cofey mug to shows my frineds
    at work so they no i am an internashunal
    poet who mite even winz a prise!
    Then i wuld be vary famus
    and hav lotz of muney
    wich wuld be vary funny
    coz some of them sayd I was
    eliterite wich sucks
    (I hopes I can say sucks, if not
    please put a defferent word instead.)
    and also I just sore the poem
    has to be 20 lines long so
    I am counting the lynes again.
    This is line nienteen
    and this in number twenty. Thanx. The End

    O love is a feeling that makes a person strive
    To crank out one of the Best Poems of 1995;
    Love is what made Lassie the farm dog run back to the farmhouse to alert little Timmy's farm family whenever little Timmy fell into a dangerous farm pit;
    Love is a feeling that will not go away, like a fungus in your armpit;
    So the bottom line is that there will always be lovers
    Wanting to express their love in an heirloom quality book with imported French marbleized covers;
    Which at $49.95 a pop multiplied by 3,000 poets
    Works out to gross literary revenues of roughly $150,000, so it's
    A good bet that whoever thought up the idea of publishing this book
    Doesn't care whether this last line rhymes.


zap said...

Love is by Dave Barry.

Anonymous said...

And here.. this is about Nicky Nacky Noo :)