April 16, 2006

Thirsty crow from Moradabad

From the now unfortunately downsized "Love Actually" column in Hindustan Times, April 15, these items:
    For the one whom I love a lot: I know that u love me a lot. Even I love u same. Plz believe me, I will only marry with u, whether my family accepts u or not. But u r my choice so plz trust me and love me always. From the one whom u love a lot.

    To mi jaan Dinesh: It's very difficult to say but I will. Ur mine and only mine, let the world know even I'm in love wid u. Never wana lose u. I need u, at last I have 1 to rely on. I love you and I love you u forever. Rima

    My love Jaanu: I may no tell u how special u are, I may not b able to reach u coz we're both busy, but in spite of all, u know u are someone I really miss & care about. Yours & only yours, San

    Dear Debjani Singh: I don't know how much I love u. Plzz reply to my messages. I am a thirsty crow waiting for a dewdrop like u. So please reply to me.

    Hi Pratik: Before meeting you, I was nothing. You have told me everything, now I have become something, but without you I cannot do anything. From the person who loves you a lot.
Don't know about you thirsty crows out there, but I think all of these were written by the same person. Sneaky! Which dewdrop will u catch, plzz?


Been walking around intriguing parts of Bombay over the last few days, with plans to do some more this coming week. (Any takers, send me a note). Why do tourists who come to this city imagine there's not much to see? There's such a lot, really. For example, here are some signs found on just these wanderings (all verbatim):

On a wall in Kalbadevi: Stations of the Cross, Conducted by the Sonapur Legionaries on Sunday, 19th Sunday, 2006.

Store nearby: Picnic Enterprises. Genuine Revised Passport Application Readily Available.

In a milk products store (in Hindi): Hi Hello Chhodo, Jai Shri Krishna Bolo. ("Give up saying hi and hello, say 'Jai Shri Krishna'").

Above the beautifully carved entrance to a temple, Kalbadevi: This temple is built by Soonderdass, son of Thucker Mooljee Jetha, and dedicated to God Dwarkanathjee in the year of Sumvant 1931, Jesht Sood 8th, Friday the 11th June 1875.

Zaveri Bazar: Cuttackwala 91-6 KDM.

Zaveri Bazar: The Bombay Bullion Association Limited (Gold Sample Tunch Receiving Centre) 1st Floor.

Zaveri Bazar: Mahalaxmi Laundry: Clothes of Person Suffering From any Infectious or Contegious Disease shall be properly Disenfected before Giving in this shop for Washing.

Bhuleshwar (in Hindi): Ganesh Papad, Mahesh Papad, Diabetesh Papad, Blood Pressure Papad.

CP Tank: Parshwa Sonal. Specialist in Madras and Moradabad Articles.

Mazagon: Dr XXXX YYYY, Diving Medical Consultant.

Matharpacady: New Fily Cooper & Co, Wooden Barrels Sales and Repairs, Gunpowder Road.


And then of course, taking the train going to these places, there were plenty of those other tourist attractions: inscriptions on Tshirts. Two examples (also verbatim):

On a very fit man: Three Stroke Adidas. Runners must complete their run entirely on foot.

On a young woman: HOT! Bell To Die Fightine For.


Unknown said...

Hi Dilip,

Sorry, but I'm posting a reply to this comment from Abi's blog, cos I dunno if you'll go back to see the replies..

Wasn't admission to BITS (before the BITSAT) primarily based on your 12th aggregate alone? Girls almost always top here, because (this is a sweeping generalization, but true for the most part :p) they're better than guys at memorizing things by rote.

I'm not saying that this is bad, or that guys are therefore more analytical, or intelligent, or whatever. This isn't a slight to girls. Just that this is what I've observed over many years. Every class I've been in, has been topped by a girl. Girls are simply brilliant when it comes to mugging up stuff. I suppose this could be because they're more prepared to stick at doing (what I consider, at least) something boring than boys, because posssibly they're better at long-term planning :)

Anyways, my 2 (incorrectly placed) paise.

Bombay Addict said...

hi Dilip - You said any "takers" to send you a note. This sounds interesting, do let me know more.

Bombay Addict said...

D3 - I run two blogs. Bombay Diaries and Mumbai Matters. I've got both your comments. Gimme a bit, I'll get back to you.