May 09, 2006

Bedfellows united

For both cheerleaders and critics of something we loosely call "globalization" today, here's a nugget to chew on, referring to concerns in the mid-1950s:
    Senator [John] Bricker teamed with Senator [Joseph] McCarthy to deride all UN instruments as vehicles of world government and socialism that would swallow US sovereignty and aid in a Communist plot to rule (and internationalize) the world. The bedfellows who united in opposition to the genocide ban and the human rights law were not only fierce anti-Communists like Bricker but also devoted Communists from the Soviet Union and the Soviet bloc representing their countries at the United Nations.
(From Samantha Power's A Problem From Hell; the two posts below this one are also from that book).

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kuffir said...

gurumurthy of the swadeshi jagaran manch and p.karat too share similar concerns.. this is kalyug.