May 22, 2006

Blawing in the wind

Random notes from a road trip to Goa:

Highway Department signs, always three at a time, and these three:
    Caution: One Way Traffic, Drive Slowly.

    Caution: Work in Progress, Drive Slowly.

    Caution: Landslide Prone Area, Drive Slowly.
What's the best course when a landslide happens, I wonder. Drive slowly or drive like hell?


Name painted across the top of the front of a bus: "BAB DYLAN"


Store names in and near Courtorim:
    Kool Daun Hair Cutting Saloon

    Pidson's Bar and Restaurant

    Butto's Bar and Restaurant

    St John F Kennedy STD ISD


Graffiti high on a wall at Hospedaria Venite, Panjim:
    Hi I'm Jez, Yes! Here I am up high, my life on a thread, I owe everything to the unwavering support of two truly beautiful women.


Common brand of icecream in Goa is Funtacy. One of their flavours is "Fudge 'N' Judge".

I asked for a scoop of that with an acquittal or two sprinkled on top. Lady looked at me like I was from Neptune.


At "Big Foot" in Loutolim, you will finally find what you've been looking for all these years: India's longest laterite sculpture of Mirabai.

But if that doesn't satisfy you, you can always check the visitor's book. There, you will find this cryptic comment by a Ritesh Bharooka:
    This must be slantly developed, because development is a way to achiev success. I loved this placed ... Do you?


Ad for Konkani tiatr in the Herald:
    Santan Viegas presents: Xenvteam Mogreancho Jhelo Musical show. Singers: Peter Vaz, Ezilda Fernandes, Livia D'Souza, Mil-Mel-Nil.
That's "Garland of shevanti and mogra flowers". But who or what "Mil-Mel-Nil" is, and in what language, I have no clue.


Slogan on T-shirt, Fort Aguada:
    Polies La Uit. Moulin Rouge. Polies Berger Crazy. Nuits de Folies
Anyone who can translate that Konkani, please do so.


Store in a village just across the border into Maharashtra was named "Vaibhav Erotic Juice and Drinks."

Tried hard to screech to a halt when I saw this one, my tongue hanging out in thirst and otherwise.

Wife whacked me, we drove on.


Prerona said...

??? :( didnt understand ...

Anonymous said...

Carry on, carry on.

Since I do some strange things myself, I can't blame you but these posts are getting more tedious.

How about saving them for the uncle-nephew sessions?

Anonymous said...

I meant "tedious", not "more tedious". Gives wrong impression and all, you know.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Prerona, apologies: these are just little things I find funny. Maybe nobody else does, as Anirudh points out...

Yazad Jal said...


I quite disagree. Dilip's little travel notes are charming glimpses of language, culture, people and places in India. As I'm neither Dilip's uncle nor his nephew, I'd like him to continue posting these.


It's a shame you were whacked. I would have loved to know more about Vaibhav's Erotic Juices ;-)