May 08, 2006

Jet Speed Singer

Goa's papers are full of delightful ads for tiatr, the Konkani musical dramas. A sample:
    Congratulations to
    William de Curtorim, for your Wonderfull VCD
    Gulf to Goa Gold Award Winner

    You have proved in this VCD That you are the most
    powerful Singer on the Konkannim Stage. Just unique.
    We feel like lifting your House from Curtorim, to Bardez,
    & keep it here forever, alongwith your family.
    You are very daring and candid Political Singer.
    Only you have the Courage to criticize openly
    the corrupt Ministers.

    N.B. We also Congratulate HORTENCIO
    who we consider as the Best Composer, for his Best Song
    Atanche Tiatrist Apleakuch Title Diupache
    Hats off to Him.
The first Konkani title is an intriguing reference to the proposal to build a new airport at the North Goa town of Mopa, and a comment therefore on ministerial wives.

The Hortencio masterpiece translates thus: "Today's tiatr artistes give themselves titles."

I simply have to hear that Best Song.


And there's Ives Tavares's Bhitorlea Monacho Munis (literally, "Person with an Inner Mind", possibly meaning "Shrewd Person"). The ad lists endorsements from four (presumably) eminent people -- a politician and three doctors. One reads thus:
    "Your Drama is a Powerful means in this Direction." -- Dr Roque Ribeiro, Gynecologist.
Good, but which direction, and given that the medical specializations of the other two doctors are not listed, why is it important to tell us that Roque is a gynecologist?


And then there's this:
    Coming with a Bang ... Quinsha Production strikes back from the mighty pen of KENNY FERNS (A writer with continuous Super Stories)

    WATCH first time in the art of Tiatr a blind man on Konkani Stage.

    He cannot see, cannot write, but can compose & sing with his own memory.
Now there's a plum reason to go see a play.

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