May 22, 2006

Lines #12

The creaking wagon makes a long-delayed stop ...


How can one have faith in a lover's heart
What if it turns to someone else?

If that happens you'll regret it greatly

Oh queen of my dreams, when will you come?
The beautiful weather has come, when will you come?
My life is passing by, when will you come?
Please come, oh, please come.


Anonymous said...

Waah Waah!!

but what about pyar ki galiyan, bagon ki kaliyaan sab rang raliyaan poochh rahi hain
geet panghat pe kis din gaayegi tu

Anonymous said...

Timely one. The hero is serenading the lady who is at present heading the censor board. I believe somebody has even filed a court case against her and the censor board for passing the Da Vinci code.
Three decades later her son also sang a hit song on board the same toy train

Prerona said...


Anonymous said...

To answer Radhika (with some poetic licence):

Love's little pathways..
..buds kist by sun's rays..
..frolicsome, joyous play ..
..all ask me every day ..

.. To this riverbank ..
.. when will your steps stray?

O queen ..

Dilip D'Souza said...

Radhika, please join in a round of applause for Pankaj: I'm always amazed at the ease with which he produces translations that are both accurate and capture the spirit of the original far better than my clunky ones.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Bravo! :-))


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dilip, Radhika. Glad you guys liked it.

Funny - I have known this song for 35 years. And I always heard the last line of this stanza as:

"Is panghat pe kis din aayegi tu ..."

which is what I translated.

I guess it was a reasonable translation of a mistaken original.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dilip, Radhika. Glad yo' guys liked it.

Funny - ah have known this hyar song fo' 35 years. An' ah allus heard th' last line of this hyar stanza as:

"Is panghat pe kis din aayegi tu ..." which is whut ah translated, cuss it all t' tarnation.

Ah guess it was a reasonable translashun of a mistaken origeenal, ah reckon.

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