June 15, 2006

Decomposers of de past

Where've you been?

Haydn in the supermarket, consulting my Chopin Liszt.

Why weren't you here? I've had too much to Handel, I want my sanity Bach!

Well, Vivaldi shopping I've had to do, I've really been Bizet.

Verdi hell do you get the energy, Beethoven one thing and another? I see them Mahler time, Debussy people, and very Offenbach in Pune.

Pune? You know, I think it is a Saint-Saens place, Kamshet is much nicer.

I Telemann, get in a plane and Tchaikovsky for a holiday! Clearly you need one. Anton Chekov for Texas, Goethe-it?

Texas? No way. Bartok-lahoma is nice Salieri round. In the fall Lalo my friends go there.


zap said...

This is so Peri funny it can make a Janequin laugh.

km said...

Funny funny stuff. Your first Mehtaphysical post, Dilip?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Guys, guys, Zubin reading too much into these things.

km said...

I am just determined to unRavel the mystery behind how you decided to write this post!

Anonymous said...

Suppé post! But you made it the mort's-art?
Did Hugo Wofl belong to some Wolfgang?
If you go Bartók will you get Meherbeer?
Were Nardini and Brahms related?

Where are all your Sibelius commenters, BTW? they should be Provokiefed now and will try to Offenbach. Only then are they Satie-ated. Maybe they are now Caged in Copland with Bern-steins?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Guys, guys, now you're really clutching at Strauss.

mastishkvigyan said...
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mastishkvigyan said...

Vah ustaad vah!
Nahi, nahi.
Vah Chai kovsky kahiye!