June 19, 2006

Limits of the forms

    Sometimes ... artists produce the best results when they draw strength from the limits of the forms they have chosen.
Ian Buruma, review of The R. Crumb Handbook, New York Review of Books, April 6 2006.

R. Crumb is a celebrated American comic artist, meaning he draws comics. This quote is a reference to how Crumb has tried to "stretch the boundaries of the cartoonist's art", but Buruma finds that has not resulted in his most "surprising and powerful" work.


km said...

Crumb needs to stretch the boundaries *more*?


BTW, have you seen "Crumb" and "American Splendor"?

Oh, and Wiki tells me he's working on an adaptation of "Book of Genesis". That should be, ahem, interesting.

Dilip D'Souza said...

km, Haven't seen either, though I have seen bits and pieces of Crumb's work here and there (I'm not a great fan, actually). I just liked Buruma's review, and this line especially (it was the last line). No, I think what Buruma means is that when Crumb has stretched the boundaries, he (Buruma) thinks he hasn't produced his best work.