June 03, 2006

Lines #13

"So we'll wait till it comes around again, and this time with four part harmony and feeling.

We're just waitin' for it to come around is what we're doing ... All right now.


From a dying fire comes a spark,
From far away, how much you've made this heart suffer.

Now I will get rid of all the dreams in this heart.
I'll steal you away from yourself
And hide you in this heart.

Don't look at me like that,
Or I'll bump into you with my chest
I'll steal you away from yourself
And hide you in this heart.


Anonymous said...

Back to evergreen hero wooing the Dum Maro Dum girl. From the movie Darling Darling. This classic song is remembered only by Kishore-RD fans.
This is one of Kishore's all time greats. It is a pity the song was forgotten when the movie sank at the BO.
One of my favorite songs. Never fails to perk me up when I feel down. I am going and putting it on right away

Anonymous said...

Sorry- forgot to mention the song

Dheemi Dheemi Aag se ek shola bhadkaya hai
Door se tumne is Dil ko kitna tadpaya hain
Main ab is dil ke saare armaan nikaloonga

Tumko main chura loonga tumse Dil mein chhupa loonga

Aise ne mujhe tum dekho
Seene se lagaa loonga
Tumko main chura loonga tumse
Dil mein chhupa loonga

Just back after hearing this exhilirating song

Dilip D'Souza said...

Nikhil, I'm with you, I'm surprised how few people know this song. (The flip side of that: I'm surprised that I, who generally know much less about Hindi film music than many of my friends, know this one). A gorgeous song. I always loved the rhythm of it.

Was the movie good?

Incidentally, nobody (yet) has picked up on the two lines at the start, in italics.

km said...

Alice's Restaurant! Yay!

"don't touch my bags/if you please/Mr. Customs Man" - that's my favorite Arlo lyric :)

Anonymous said...

The movie is in one word - awful, terrible - take your pick. I saw it on TV sometime in the early 90's. NEver had heard much of this movie or the music, but Dev Anands movies till the 70's had good music, especially those where the Burmans had scored the music. I was honestly on the point of switching off the TV when suddenly this song wafts along. This song was so mesmerising, I immediately tried hunting for this tape/song. Sadly it is rarely available. It was much later when MIL released a compilation of Kishore Kumar hits that they released this song. It is there in the Universal music relaease of Kishore Kumar hits.
Not sure if there are tapes or CD's of this movie in stores. Do not remember other songs of this movie.
I think the scene is of him protecting the heroine from the villian who is trying to shoot her.

Dilip D'Souza said...

km, yeah! I think I want to try that line on the next Customs man I run into. How long you think I'll serve in solitary?

Ever thought of how many song/movie titles have "Alice" in them? "Alice's Restaurant", "Living Next Door to Alice" (Smokie), "Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More" ... hmm, any more?

Nikhil, thanks for the thumbs down. I'll take "Darling Darling" off my to-be-seen list then. (Any movies by name "Alice Darling"?)

Anonymous said...

Dilip I really enjoy these songs-riddles as I refer to them. It is indeed a lovely song.

Tere dil se ae dilbar dil mera kheta hai
Pyaar ke dushman long mujhey dar lagta rehta hai
Thaam lo tum meri bahein, mein tumhein sambhaloonga....

tumko hi chura loonga tumse, dil mein chhupa loonga..

ab hum chaly yeh gana sun-ne