June 12, 2006

Noose of the day

The US base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is under siege. You got that right. Three prisoners armed with "fabricated nooses made out of clothes and bed sheets" (aside: what would a non-"fabricated" noose look like?) hung themselves on Saturday night.

This was, says Rear-Admiral Harry Harris, base commander at Gitmo, "an act of asymmetric warfare" against the USA. (Plenty of other reports about this).

Ohhhh yeah. What did they mean, killing themselves? Killing themselves? Don't they have any respect for the Geneva Conventions?

Hmm. Wait a minute. Scratch that Geneva stuff, OK?


wise donkey said...

wonder why those released from guantanamo havent been convicted of terrorism..

even the ones from UK..

Anonymous said...

If US government decides to shut down Gitmo, is Dilip prepared to house these inmates in his apartment?

Just a rhetorical question ;)