June 22, 2006

Up that hose

Apparently there's something of a todo because a certain beloved city on the west coast of India, a city in which I live, has been declared the world's rudest, or least courteous, or something? Heard about this?

Well, thbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrr and phooeey! Far's I'm concerned, this is a badge of honour, baby! So up your nose with a rubber hose, you chump, and up that hose with this survey too!


Anonymous said...

Least courteos among 35 cities covered.

With Delhi not in the list, i can assure you that Mumbai can never be the worst.

Anonymous said...

The 3 tests are just too funny...so, u pick up someone else' docs, hold open the door and say 'thank you'...does that make you courteous?? What abt crime rates???

Mugger:"Please hand over your wallet!There, there, you dropped your folder, let me get that for you!!!Oh, thanks. nice wallet! And let me get that door for you! Have a nice day!
Victim: "Such a courteous mugger! New York's the best!

km said...

How about the city with the most average manners? I want to live there. Some days, we hold the doors open. Other days, we shut it right on their faces.

Anonymous said...


Sigh! What's mugging courtesy level got to with it? Your example makes no sense at all.

The three questions were reflective of the general demands of courtesy. Please do provide a courtesy index which you find suitable.

And don't even go into crime levels, I assure you, you will not win that one.


Good point there. I like that. :)


Could you please take off this super irritating word verification. Give it a shot atleast.

Dilip D'Souza said...

You !#!@#* guys are missing the point! I say we should be proud of topping lists like these. Anyone who sets out to find the most courteous city in the world needs to have people stick their tongues out and make disgusting sounds at them.

Senthil said...

As far as I have seen, mumbai is not the rudest city. The places around Mumbai are rude, ofcourse. Because I have seen both these places.

But when you compare it to Delhi and surroundings, Mumbai is no where near rude.

Anonymous said...


er...you know what? That maybe because they did not cover those cities....

Dilip, sorry for picking on your commentators but you seem to attract an eclectic lot. :)

(such as me you might add)

Bombay Addict said...

aiyo ! sorry I'm a bit late here. Dilip I completely agree with you and have posted accordingly. I wear it like a badge of honour !

Bombay Addict said...

and oh - sorry for repeat comment - but I agree with you again when you say that we should say rude things at jokers who make random surveys like this. I chose a synonym for a bell. Hehe.