June 01, 2006

What Confucius say

This blog takes a break from regular programming for the purpose of taking a break from regular programming.

Got some free advice of late, from here and there, about how I should treat people I have discussions with. Typical was this fellow M, who said that another person, G, was making "cogent and logical" points to me, but in response I had "dismissed him [G] rather rudely." M observed that in the past, I had "evaded arguments or ignored them completely".

M is, of course, right. I have indeed evaded arguments or ignored guys altogether in the past.

There is, of course, a reason.

When someone calls me "congenital idiot", or "hypocrite", or "cheat", or "XYZ-fucking bastard", or "white ant", or "intellectually dishonest", or "prize ass", or "low life rat", or "shallow manipulator", or "sick slave", or "holier-than-thou lout" ... yep, when someone calls me these and other things, even if they fit fine, I tend to remember.

The next time said someone turns up and expects a civilized back-and-forth, I'm likely to ignore them, or at best, make fun of them. I'm not likely to take them in the least seriously. Not even if they make "cogent and logical" arguments. (Actually, I believe people who throw about names and taunts are incapable of cogent and logical arguments anyway).

Not that the labels offend me. All they do is confirm for me what Confucius say: "Him who have no faith in own views turn to name-calling."

And now, back to something completely different.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

I think ignoring the likes of TTG is fine. Making fun of them is pretty pointless.

Some people tackle that sort of thing neatly. Eg, Christopher Hitchens on the abusive George Galloway (with whom he has had several public slanging matches): "I should perhaps declare a small bias here: on spotting your own correspondent, Mr Galloway shouted that he was a 'drink-sodden ex-Trotskyist popinjay and useful idiot', some of which was unfair."

But even Hitchens, demented as he seems these days, wouldn't bother arguing with (or making fun of) random flamers on blogs... though Galloway well might.

Anonymous said...

if i have contributed in some small way to get dilip to stop downoading his tripe on the unsuspecting, i pat myself on the back and consider it time well spent.

R. said...

some people walk around with a halo on their head, some walk with sporting a friendly attitude, you dilip, you walk with a target sign behind your back

one might just assume that you thrive in all the negative vibes you attract :)

Anonymous said...

it's the lovely combination of sanctimoniousness, bad prose, the blatantly partisan politics and the steadfast refusal to admit to it that makes dilip such a popular person.

km said...

Confucius also say write punny posts that some reader like. No, I said that :)

Anonymous said...


In this post, you sound like a man who murdered both his parents... and now pleading for mercy on the grounds that he's an orphan.

BTW, it's Lincoln definition of a 'Hypocrite'.

Anonymous said...

Yawn.... I'm sorry I meant yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

Also, boo hoo.

Kingsley Joseph said...

did I ever call you a devious genius? How dare you leave it out of that list?

You're thinking of replying "but Kingsley, it was a back-handed complemet, so it doesn't belong on that list."

Your fortune cookie reads: "You will find happiness in unpredictability."

barbarindian said...

Is Confucius a plural?

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Is Confucius a plural?

No, o meritorius Barbarindian, it is a singular. (The man was singular too.) This was just Dilip pulling your leg.

(And that was me pulling your leg. It's not Dilip's invention, it's an old joke -- look it up.)

Dilip D'Souza said...

Rabin, one might indeed assume that!

km, why do you want puny posts from me? I'm a firm believer in strong, full-throated posts. No puny stuff here.

Kingsley, you didn't call me "devious genius", you called me "deviass geniass". As Rahul reminds me that Hitchens said, some of that was unfair.

Rahul, of course Confucius is plural! The singular is "Confuciu", which is Chinese for "Confuse you".