July 17, 2006

Came, saw, blocked

As some of you may know by now, there seems to be a block on blogspot.com sites in India. While I can post here, I can't see this blog nor respond to comments. Until this gets resolved, I have a copy of all that's here on my wordpress site, also Death Ends Fun, here.

Some issues I have to sort out at that site still, so bear with me.


Anonymous said...

How dare you think of a blog when so many people are dying?
They dont have food. But you want to think of a blog post.
They dont even have a computer, but you want to blog sitting in a cozy environment
And so many poor children are still illiterate because of no reservation. Instead of helping them you want to blog!!

Oh god. What will happen to the other India!

Anonymous said...

Same anon as before. Forgot to add

How come you havent linked this ban to gujarat riots, and the war on iraq? Come on Dilip. Dont disappoint us!

san said...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here goes that Sonia Gandhi govt again! As you know the corrupt ruling Congress are short on brains while being full of schemes. So it's now the turn of bloggers to face the wrath of Madame-ji.

Looks like Sonia's learned a lot from watching her awful Mother-in-Law of Emergency infamy. Due to the fact that in the Congress Party, sycophantic worship of Sonia and Rahul is preferred over basic mental competence, we get to see Congress-style decisions of the kind being made today.

As you know, when Madame snaps her fingers, the rank-and-file Congressmen all fall over themselves scrambling to bring their lips to her posterior. Hence the tendency to execute dictats unthinkingly and without question.

Ham-fisted behavior from our tinpot luncheon-leaders.
Which then leads me to say, "In Congress-ruled India, spam blocks you!"

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 1 (uomo senza palle)

Have the balls to publish your name.

Freedom of speech is at stake and I bet that bears no significance to your nonsensical self (going by your comments) but the least you can do is not come up with absolute crap like this.

Tomorrow is 'Make Sense Day' - sleep it off.


san said...

Let's all look back to one of the more glorious chapters of our 'secularist' Congress Party's history:


Gee, but I thought only Hindus could be fascists.

Be sure to read the list of names which supported The Emergency.

I thought when someone calls themselves a 'liberal', it automatically means they support liberty. I thought Sonia Gandhi is supposed to be the head of the liberal tribe, and everybody in opposition is 'communal' and 'fascist'.

After all, people voting for the Congress in the last elections were told they were casting their votes against 'the communal forces'.

Let's see some of the sites which our liberals have decided they want to ban:


"Some of the websites that have been blocked are Dalitstan.org, Clickatell.com, www.Hinduhumanrights.org and Hinduunity.com"

Okay, so since these bans are taking place in the wake of the Mumbai train bombings, am I supposed to believe that the people from Hinduhumanrights.org planted RDX plastic explosives on those trains?

Madame Sonia seems to have learned a lot from watching her Mother-in-Law. The Congress Party won't do a damn thing to stop Pakistan and its ISI -- oh, but they will ban the nefarious Hindus who might complain about the Congress Party's biased policies. Subversive phrases like "HinduHumanRights" must not be tolerated. Sounds like slapping a gag on the victims to shut up their annoying cries for help. Easier to do that than actually exerting some effort to get Pakistan off our backs.

I'm an atheist, and I don't believe in any Hindu deity, nor do I pray to any Hindu god, nor do I attend any Hindu places of worship. But that doesn't mean I believe jihadi terrorists armed by Pakistan should be allowed to kill infidels like myself. I therefore don't see any objectionable material presented on the website HinduHumanrights.org

I don't see that it attacks or vilifies any other religion, including Islam. I don't see how complaining about the murder of Pandits in Kashmir constitutes Hate Speech. I don't see a reason to ban this site as communal. I do see
that the spineless Congress-led govt would rather suppress complaints about their ineffectiveness rather than addressing them.

Vivek V. Narayan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vivek V. Narayan said...

here's how you can bypass proxy settings and acess blogs including those at blogspot.

please pass on the information.

Anonymous said...


I cannot access your article on Mid-Day either...the latest or the archives.


Anonymous said...

Simply type http://pkblogs.com/dcubed and you are back in action.


In The Shadows said...

Ohh wow... India china comparison is the flavor of the season. See we have reason to be happy, we are moving towards being china.

Hey dilip, no condemnation from you. Of course, bloggers dont belong to the other India so blocking blogspot does not matter. Right?

What about that freedom of expression, liberty, etc that leftists and typists keep harping on.

BTW, those ugly capitalists at wordpress have paid some $$$ to the govt, to undercut their competitors, the ugly capitalists at Google. :)) Wordpress will soon be blocked once Google pays for Rahul Gandhi's tuition fees to his amma.

Patrix said...

No offense to Blogspot but I like the look of your Wordpress.com blog better :) But then again, I am biased in my opinion.

Why not import all your posts from Blogger (still accessible) to Wordpress.com?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Radhika, MidDay has changed its site, last time I looked, so I couldn't find my column either. I will post it here soon. Catching up with some other stuff has meant putting things up here has taken something of a back seat.

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