July 09, 2006

In that path blooding, I swear

Boris Becker: "I just can't believe ... that I can think of nothing to say." (on a large billboard in Bombay -- quoted from memory, may not be verbatim but is pretty close).

Rahul Dravid: "I can't think of anything to say." (on the website).

Both speaking about Aamby Valley City. And I'm wondering: it's an endorsement, an endorsement worthy of being splashed on enormous billboards, that these guys can think of nothing to say?


"Remove outer packing before consumption."

Message printed on the plastic that covers individual Britannia cheese slices. Lucky they told us, but wish I had read it earlier. This plastic tastes horrible.


Sign on a vacant plot in Sion: "This plot belongs to Mihir Madgavkar."

Another sign on same vacant plot in Sion: "Simplified Society: Mihir Madgavkar is expelled by Simplified Society."


Gola shop in Matunga has, among many others, these flavours available: Row Mango, Trapik Jam.

I tried the Row Mango. Dismal. Foul. Very green, bright fluorescent green.

Nearby milkshake shop has, among many others, these flavours available: Bunty Babli, Jelly Milly.

Still suffering the green effects of the Row Mango, I resisted these.


Seen On Tshirts Dept, considerable trouble to get these just for you so please appreciate:

"Mon Fyer. Mon en Goolam"

"All Livers are Evil and Should be Punished"

"Season all the winter Seasion the many game were started in that time many injuries in that path blooding."


km said...

/Livers are not evil at all. Kidneys, on the other hand....

//Mon en goolam? That's the Martian equivalent of "yo mama's so ugly...."

Anonymous said...

There was an interesting article that talked of Aamby Valley in the Guardian recently entitle A Tale of Two Indias: http://www.guardian.co.uk/india/story/0,,1746948,00.html

Gamesmaster G9 said...

Would you consider joining this blog? Some of the signs you mentioned deserve to be here.