July 14, 2006

Never forget

Never forget. Let's always remember.

Suggestions/corrections/additions welcome. Data for other dates and events -- blasts, riots, etc -- also welcome. This is just a first cut.


Anonymous said...


Excellent effort. Kudos.

barbarindian said...

Since the riots didn't happen as widely expected, what are you gonna do with this new blog? Will you keep it hanging with just two bombings?

Another way to ask this question: surely a lot more attacks/freedom struggles will allow you to have more posts and visitors in this new blog. So, at least part of your mind will actually desire such events to happen, right?

My final question is, who gave you the right to flaunt the names of their deads on your blog? Sure, a lot of 9/11 bloggers had a list of names but given that you are anti-Hindu, can you claim right of fair use?

Anonymous said...

kudos! what we needed at this moment of peril is another blog! this is fine gesture from dsouza that will receive kudos from the blogging world. i fully support this gesture.

san said...

Since terror and its supporting ideologies can be inflicted upon Indian soil without borders being the slightest impediment, we should also extend our remembrance of dates beyond the borders to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Let us look at the dates of victimization with respect to them also:

Hijacking of Indian Airline 814

The massacre of Shias in Mazar-i-Sharif:


We should not forget these, either. Let us remember these events.

san said...

heh, notice how most of D'Souza's fans post anonymously? that's it guys, keep those paper bags over your heads. shows how much confidence they have in Dilip. ;P

Neela said...


Nice attempt.

My suggestion: In addition to names of those killed in these atrocities, it would help to "never forget" if you cross-posted some of your posts about the day after (such as those vignettes fo the bomb blasts)and even other posts there.

Second (this might be more time intensive, so I hesitate to suggest it): You could also link to news items so that we can follow what's happened since. also as someone excellently suggested linking to or highlighting work by NGOs in this area.



Anonymous said...

January 2nd, 2006, Kalinganagar, Orissa, massacre by the state, in the name of welfare, as gruesome as those induced by religion.