July 02, 2006

Of "nutty" and "sophomoric"

There are many reasons Annie Z is a fine journalist. Here's one more.


Akash said...

@Dilip: Bravo. Just a request. Do not get adversely influenced by the audience reaction that you experienced on G’s blog, and you will surely face similar diatribe many more times later too. I know that encouragement from the readers is the most valuable gift for the writers. There may be people banding together to humiliate you in the crudest possible way. But don’t lose your heart. Trust me there is a much larger silent and civilized audience by your side who support you from distance. Do write what you truly believe in. Not for quick popularity and fame.

barbarindian said...

Apparently a bazzillion bloggers have already covered this topic. For example:

Annie may be a fine scribe, but the news she serves is rather stale.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Akash, thank you.