July 02, 2006

Rana on the board


The guy on the chair in the middle in this photograph is "Harvinder" in this story.

Do you know anyone else in this? Or where this was taken? When? (Click on the pic to get a larger version).


Sunil said...

Pilani in the '50's??

You're thaaaaaaat old? :-)

Anonymous said...

With a little inside knowledge I'd say it looks like L7 (Lecture Hall 7) at IITK in ..what? 1979? 1980? 1981?. IITK didn't have an auditorium then and Lecture Hall 7, which was the largest lecture hall, was where most of the CulFest events were held. Plus it had those sliding blackboards which seem to be visible in the background. Can't say I recognise anyone, but isn't that you in the flowered shirt on the right, Dilip?

Mridula said...

This definitely could be L7 but I would have never thought about it on my own in spite of the IITK Fest picture tag.

zap said...

The blackboard says 'Cultural Revolution 78', so year 1978. Which means an year after I was born Dilip was causing Cultural Revolutions in Flowered shirts:)