July 12, 2006

Water in the water

(Third post on the blasts in Mumbai. #1, #2).

Those who have them (not me) are opening up their umbrellas, for it's raining pretty hard as I walk away from Mahim. Guy just ahead of me, the point from his umbrella hits me in the mouth as it opens. For a moment I think that's blood on my lips, then I realize it's just more rain. Night like this, I've got blood on my mind.

Halfway up Mahim Causeway, I'm tiring of struggling through crowds on the pavements, decide to try my luck on the road itself but the traffic nearly mows me down. Across the road, a pandal with many lights. Curious, I cross over.

As I reach, two young men press glasses of water into my hands, as others are doing to the hordes streaming past. Please, help yourself, they say. And if you've got a long way to go, please come in and have some food before you walk on. Three different guys come up to me and say this. I thank them and walk on. It's not even 2 hours since the bombs went off, and these guys are already organized with food, water, tables and shelter.

You folks at the Sai Seva Mitra Mandal, I've seen your sign there as I've whizzed past sometimes. I'd just like to say, there's a special place in many hearts for you today.

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Sidhusaaheb said...

Instances like this, where Bombayites went out of their way to help those affected by the tragedy, were reported rather well by Indian news media. However, I do wish that international media had also paid greater attention to such heart-warming stories.