July 20, 2006

Whitty, Putty, Luckly

    I'm trying to think of something whitty to say.. But, of course, nothing comes to mind! Spring break has been great so far! Friday, I spent the majority of my night w/ Aaron watching "Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets". Great movie I must say! Definately not as good as the first though. But I mean, what can compare? ... So.. my weekend continues and I spend Sunday evening out at the Putty ranch driving around getting told scarey-ass stories and hoping that i wouldn't wet myself. Luckly... I managed to hold it in. ... Anyway.. I had to hump the couch. No biggie :) Bethany and I were the last to pass out at 6 this morning. I am pooped!!
PrincessKimberly, "Dreamer".

One of 17 sites the Indian government asked internet service providers to block in India.


Postscript: Via email yesterday, someone expressed some surprise at the block on Princess Kimberly, and suggested that we should put together some lyrics for her so that she is "immortalized as a song."

These efforts of mine were not met with much enthusiasm.

In fact, none.

A Zouth Indian princess, Kimberly,
Had a face that was all, well, pimperly
When asked why this was,
She said, "It's because ...
I ... well ... I don't know ... oh, just zimperly."

Dara asked to marry Princess Kimberly.
She said, "You know, I just find him burly
I don't mind some fat
But with him it's just that
I wish he looked more like that limber Lee."


Another postscript: MadHat has left a response to this post suggesting that this may all have been a typo, and perhaps the government meant to ban princesskimberly.logspot.com (i.e. leaving the "b" off "blogspot) -- which, it turns out, is some elaborate Bible site. ("AmazingBibleStudies", complete with chortling smileys shouting "Oh my Gaad" on top).

Maybe, maybe it was a typo -- though I still cannot see why that site should be banned.

But nevertheless, the real typo here is not attributable to the government, but to the folks who run that Bible site. What's more, it is no mistaken typo, it was very deliberately done.

Don't believe me? Try visiting dcubed.logspot.com. Try visiting indianwriting.logspot.com. Try visiting anything.logspot.com. In fact, try visiting anything.logspot.com.

Still don't believe me? Try visiting princesskimberly.blogpsot.com (i.e. the "s" and "p" of "blogspot" exchange places). Try dcubed.blogpsot.com. Try anything.blopsot.com.

So you see: make a typo as you type in a blogspot URL and boom! Bible-dom, here I come!


km said...

Actually, I am with the Indian Govt. on this one. Someone please show this kid how to use spellcheck.

Madhat said...

it may have been a typo. it may have been this site - http://princesskimberly.logspot.com/

still doesnt explain why it should be banned. it just looks like a religious site for christians...

Madhat said...

So you see: make a typo as you type in a blogspot URL and boom! Bible-dom, here I come!

Ooh! I didnt realise that!

barbarindian said...

Nice try.

In fact [Government] the Congress party tried to ban www.princesskimberly.com which is now defunct and which used to be hosted on blogspot at one point of time.

Likewise, commonfolkcommonsense.blogspot.com is now hosted as www.commonfolkcommonsense.com which is also blocked.

barbarindian said...



barbarindian said...

Our analysis is ready:

Behind the blog bans

Anonymous said...

it isn't just logspot.com.

Try anything.blogpsot.com as well.