September 16, 2006

In order

Chennai. Good to meet, in order, you, you, you and you!


Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet you too, Dilip!

Kartik said...

So did you attend Blogcamp.IN?

Anonymous said...

" "The statement is unfortunate and unwarranted. Muslims and Christians need to stay together and the statement should not be allowed to drive a wedge among Christians and Muslims. It will only add to the gameplan of the communal forces in the country,"Javed Anand of Muslims for Secular Democracy (MSD) said."

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Now what will Dilip do? Damn! Why did the pope issue this statement? Instead if a Hindu guy had said this, lots of things would have happened in secular india and secular dilip's blog. Unfortunately it was the Pope who said it. Now what will secularists do? Tch tch.

R. said...

Yes it was good meeting you. Thanks for taking out the time to do so.

m. said...

the pleasure was mine :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to that case where Arundhati Roy stole the land of a tribal to build a road to her posh villa in Pachmarhi? Did d-clobbered get a special invite to check out the Italian marble in her home?

The other day I was reading a fascinating article on the Soviet "Nomenklatura". The Russians came up with an elaborate classification of ALL jobs in the soviet union, ranked them and assigned them privileges. Those at the top of the list enjoyed rights and luxuries that would give a complex to their peers in the capitalist West. The ratio of salaries at the top and bottom of the pyramid was way higher than that obtained in pro-capitalist governments.

Think about it: the loudest well-heeled proclaimers of Leftwing rhetoric are either those who inherit their wealth and status (Naxal Ram of 'The Hindu'), or those who know they don't deserve what they got (Arundhati Roy). For both, leftwing activism is actually a means to preserve the status quo vis-a-vis their elitist status. Their lifestyles, like that of the Nomenkaltura, are far divorced from that of the proles they claim to champion. (Our own d-clobbered grew up luxuriously on Raj Bhavan.)

Ever saw a person who earned his wealth the hard and honest way spout leftwing nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Lalita : Hush.

Around here we don't talk about things uncomfortable to Mr.DDS.
This is less of a blog and more of a newspaper.

Mr.DDS only likes it when you gush about how his Leftist views make complete sense, or about how happy you are to meet him.
He maintains radio silence on all frequencies when points opposing his views are made. Expect the same for you.

Red Watch

Anonymous said...

Pity I didn't know about the blogcamp or your visit -- would have liked to meet you but I'm not sure I had the time to attend.

Besides, I was out.

(forced by beta-blogger to post anonymously)