September 10, 2006

Taking care

Reading the news over the last two days, memories of news from two months ago come flooding back. Consider:

Bombs explode in trains in Bombay on the evening of July 11 2006, killing about 200 Indians. Here are three excerpts from news coverage of that atrocity:
    While there is no reason to believe that the terrorist strikes of July 11 might have been carried out by the Arab members of Al Qaeda, the inspiration and planning are likely to have come from the group. The execution could have been through Al Qaeda's surrogates -- Lashkar-e-Tayiba, other Pakistani members of the Al Qaeda-led International Islamic Front, members of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India or the followers of Dawood Ibrahim.
Al Qaeda behind the blasts?, B Raman, July 11 2006.

    Police suspect Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the banned Students Islamic Movement of India to be behind the serial blasts in the suburban trains of Mumbai on Tuesday evening.
LeT and SIMI handiwork suspected in Mumbai blasts, July 12 2006.

    Even though fingers are being pointed at Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, no evidence has yet been unearthed.
Was Khwaja behind Mumbai blast?, Onkar Singh, July 12 2006.


Bombs explode in Malegaon on the afternoon of September 8 2006, killing about 35 Indians. Here are three excerpts from news coverage of that atrocity:
    Anti Terrorism Squad chief, K P Raghuvanshi ... said it was too premature to comment on who the suspects are.
Not 3, there were 4 blasts: Cops, September 9 2006.

    The crude bombs used and the timing and venues indicate that the Malegaon blasts may not be the handiwork of the usual suspects like the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, intelligence sources said. “These could be other people, probably not even Muslims,” a source said.
Malegaon blasts: It may not be the usual suspects, September 9 2006.

    [The police are] taking care not to name either Hindu or Muslim groups as suspects.
No RDX trace in cycle-bombs: Police, September 10 2006.



Anand said...

A decent related piece:

Malegaon: the road to perdition.

Anand said...

A decent related piece:

Malegaon: the road to perdition.

dude said...

Clearly the Bombay blasts were the handiwork of Shiv Sena while the Malegaon attack that of Bajrang Dal.

Anonymous said...

I thought the clown ended the fun?

Red Watch said...

Mr.DDS makes a valid set of points.

Clearly, the Lashkar , Al-Qaida, SIMI etc. are nothing more than innocent NGOs doing nothing but social service. They are unfairly targetted everytime someone bombs innocent civilains going about their daily lives.

The real terrorists are the Bajrang Dal, and the VHP. No one ever talks about how they have a history of strapping bombs to themselves with the intention of murdering innocents.

In a previous post I said you privide me with much hilarity. Not anymore. Now you just piss me off.

As always,
Red Watch

Dilip D'Souza said...

> Now you just piss me off.

Which may be about the most ringing endorsement of what I do that I've had all year. Thank you!

kuffir said...


you tickle me...please consider that as a ringing endorsement too.. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back.


nikhil said...

He doesn't tickle me. He doesn't succeed resoundingly in pissing me off either. He just disappoints me. I come here with morbid curioty. Can he beat the records he himself set? That is the question uppermost on my mind. Can he plumb deeper depths? That is what I wonder about. Can he make more hideous faces than he made in all his career so far? That's the kind of wonderment that makes me come back here again and again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dilip,

Sonia's already announced some compensation for the 30+ vicitms almost on the spot.
Remember her doing that in Mumbai for the 200 plus?
I don't.