October 30, 2006

I know that old lady

Of course there is always an old lady with a pickup truck. She is about as hyper entering the roundabout as a bear in hibernation.

Dmitry Tursunov, the rising Russian tennis star (played in Bombay not long ago right after a terrific 5-set Davis Cup victory over Andy Roddick), writing about driving in Portugal on his blog from the Estoril tournament.

Apparently that Estoril blog was so successful that the ATP has set up Tursunov as their resident blogger. Only once a month or so, unfortunately. But don't miss his Aug 26 post ("The First Post Back").

What a delight to see these tennis guys write! Tursunov in particular, but several others too.

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Sidhusaaheb said...

He, definitely, is the best.