October 18, 2006

Walls of injustice

rediff.com carries my irregular-wannabe-regular column, on a wall and a murder, today.

Your comments welcome.


Anonymous said...

Dilip, you are trying to `devide the nation' with your `articals'. These are not my words, don't shoot me; I am only a messenger.

Anoop Saha said...

We would like to see a compilation of some of the hate mails that you receive.

Kaushal said...

Hi Dilip,

You are right about the judiciary doing some things right these days.
But it will also be worthwhile to point out that in both cases (Siddhivinayaka wall and Mattoo case), it wasnt the judiciary that failed to begin with.
In these and in most other cases, it is law enforcement that fails. In the 'wall' case, someone should have inspected the wall construction activity even before it was built. This issue wouldnt have reached the courts at all.
In the Mattoo case, law enforcement failed in terms of executing an objective investigation into the case. The judiciary only delivered verdict based on what was presented by law enforcement agencies (Police, forensics etc).
You might as well add the Delhi commercial encroachments case to the list.
In India, what we lack is law enforcement due to extensive political interference and corruption. The judiciary isnt always the culprit. The only grudge you can hold is that justice is delayed.