November 04, 2006

Beat with its tail

The Stegosaurus was "able to beat with its tail." The Ankylosaurus was also "able to beat with its tail", but (or and) 80 million years ago it lived in Canada.

(Which, of course, is why they once built what was then the world's biggest mall, in Edmonton).

(Maybe not).

The frog. The mosquito. The butterfly. The housefly. They all have life histories, and the horse has gone through a process of evolution.

Leguminozea, Anacardiaceae, Acacia Sundara, Trychnos Potatorum and Bauhina Racenosa are the names for various blocks of wood.

Granite comes in different colours. A particular machine is used to drill oil. There have been several kinds of coins through history.

A sperm whale washed ashore on the South Poigainallur coast on November 26 1999. It had a skeleton.

Various unnamed herbs can treat "bad sweating", "eruption", "pin pain", "body heat", "absus in ovary" and "less seman". Each is displayed in a small bottle. Another herb can treat "sexual debility". Its bottle is unnamed too. Also empty.

(The only one empty).

You can pay five rupees, just like I did, to learn all this and much more. At the Government Museum in Nagapattinam.

Just don't bump into the skeleton of the whale, as I did.


Vik also visited a Government Museum in Tamil Nadu.

1 comment:

Sidhusaaheb said...

The herbs sound like the stuff being sold by some quacks...Those that can be used for 'shartiya ilaaj'...

Wonder what those were doing in a government museum...

Also, wonder if there was a 'Pancher Shop' nearby, for the benefit of those wishing to get a flat tyre fixed...