December 15, 2006

Nothing the metti with me

To the ladies and/or gents who issued a large ad in a Chennai newspaper last week:

Your ad announces a sale at two Chennai venues. In large black bold type, this headline sits atop the ad:


Then the third sentence below the headline tells us, also in bold, that:
    We don't have any choice but to sell this Stock at very low price.
Well you see, ladies and/or gents, whoever you are, I fully sympathize with your predicament, but I do have a niggling question: if the "entire stock is stuck in factory" in Delhi, how come are you able to "sell this stock" in Chennai?

And what is this "stock" anyway?
    Thousands of variety of fancy T-shirt.
Ah good. And could you possibly name some of those varieties of fancy T-shirts?

Oh, I see you have done so in the ad. Indeed, and they include:
    metti Sports Style, Rich look Plain with New Color, Fancy Full Slaves, Inter look Patta, Duck Stripe, Jonay Collar.
Wonderful! You know, don't you, that I've always wanted a T-shirt with a Jonay Collar? I have no idea what it is, but I've always wanted one.

Thanks too for your "special counter", which will sell, inter alia:
    Tasar Pants, 16x12 Pant, Mati Trousers and Code Pants.
I mean, a nice pair of Mati Trousers would go very well with a metti Sports Style T-shirt, though like with the Jonay Collar, I have no idea what either of them are.

Finally, I am specially grateful for this final line in your ad. In bold, it reads:
    The Counter whose stock is sold, that will be closed.
Thanks so much, ladies and/or gents! You've saved me from the prospect of railing at the people behind counters whose stock is sold, demanding my Full Slaves.

After all, I've come to believe that stock that is stuck in factory can be sold. So why should stock that's sold not be sold too?

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:) Brilliant!!