December 22, 2006

What chocolate scented candles?

Found on the top of page 5 of the Hindustan Times Style Weekend supplement today (December 22 2006), right next to a small photograph of a woman stylishly stabbing her cleavage with a long dagger, these lines, quoted verbatim:

    La Senza asserts your sensuality with a stone handle tickler with glass stones and leather handle. The tickler coupled with the lingerie chocolate scented candles to blindfolds. And for the guys there are laid-back styles. So now Christmas gifts are no longer boring.
Yeah I'm with you, those old coir handle ticklers are old hat. Nothing quite as dandy as a stone handle one with a leather handle.

But I'm really really excited by these lingerie chocolate scented candles, though I wouldn't mind some instructions on how I can use them as blindfolds.

Meanwhile if someone can make any sense of any of this ... but don't tell me! Sense is boring!

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e signatures said...

Your blog talked a lot about chocolate scented candles. But I could not understand what actually these are.Can you give some brief on their existence or are these some beautiful Christmas gift