January 09, 2007


I'm gratified to realize, going by remarks made and bits of email I continue to receive, that the number at the end of My kingdom for that key served its purpose to a "p".

Thus: for you "very smart" guys out there, good on you! My mistake, the last digit on that number should actually have been "5". Run with that and let's talk again in another few weeks.

For you more normal souls, please freely share my gratification.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip:

Came across your blog and was pleasantly surprised to find s link to my article 'Legacy of Babri Masjid' and the ensuing discussion on the quote by the Sufi singer...but am too late for that...

Late for the New Year too. And not a 'normal soul' either! But hope to keep track. I am not even an adequate typist, but most definitely a pseudo-secularist:)I guess I qualify...Be well.

Anonymous said...

Alas..... Some people find others "very smart" when they correct some mistakes... I think I join that group now.... Good to know that I am very smart.... For I know of no prime number other than 5 which ends with a 5.