January 07, 2007

Touchy, touchy

According to a story titled New Year SMSes will touch 1 b (December 31 2006), SMS is the favoured new way to greet your friends when the year ticks over. In fact, the story quotes a Hutch official called Samuel Selvakumar saying:
    Paper greetings have given way to personalised, sharply addressed, instantaneous, powerful, warm, fresh, touchy and convenient communication making SMS the most-favoured and cost-effective medium of communication.
So I fired up "Messaging" on my phone and dredged through some 243 variations on "Wsh u a Hppy Nu Yr" that fill up my Inbox.

And I'd like to know, how should I describe that "Wsh u a Hppy Nu Yr"? "Personalised"? "Sharply addressed"? "Warm"? "Fresh"? "Touchy"? Something else?


Rahul Siddharthan said...

What I don't get is this: with your phone in T9 mode, it is faster (fewer keystrokes) to type "Wish you a happy new year" than "Wsh u a Hppy Nu Yr" (with or without T9). So what's with this txt rubbish? Is it now cool to appear illiterate? Or have txters genuinely forgotten (or never learned) how to spell?

Anonymous said...

well here's a personalised, sharp, warm, fresh, touchy and.....belated new year wish :) Happy New Year!!!

Shashikant Kore said...

On Nokia phones, the key used to open the message is used to delete it. In effect, press the key thrice and message disappears forever. Some over-developed thumbs can do it in 0.24 seconds.

Now, we have figured out, at least, the "instantaneous" part of it.

Anonymous said...

u r complaining bout 243 msg? That is a lot of friends. MayB u shld be more gr8ful? U r lucky.