February 25, 2007

On the way

So I am writing this under the influence (I call it WUI) of a possible upcoming tornado. Driving rain outside; the city of Greenwood Mississippi, where I am, just sounded their warning siren a few minutes ago; weather.com lists a tornado warning, meaning one has actually been sighted in this area so they advise seeking shelter immediately, if possible in a basement.

No basements here.

The siren has just gone off again. Thunder and forks through the sky -- that last was like a very huge tubelight going on outside the window, and the thunder in its wake shakes the house. Rain goes up and down. Tornado has apparently been sighted a few minutes ago a few miles southeast of here, moving northeast at 65 mph.

So yeah, I'm hunkered down. Typing this out. Wish us luck.


Postscript: Tornado passed. I got blown out of the roof of the house and all over Greenwood ... naaah, just kidding! But when it passed over, we drove to nearby Carrollton and back, following in the wake of the storm, watching the spectacular lightning show.

Correction: that "southeast" should have been "southwest".

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