March 10, 2007


After meeting a good friend in Atlanta a few days ago, after a chat she and I had, I've been thinking about this post I made in February. I regret making fun of Lisa Nowak as I did there. I don't like the way so many focused, wide-eyed and scornful, on what this clearly deeply disturbed woman did. I don't like that I joined in.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

I remember thinking that post wasn't like you at all.

Jai_Choorakkot said...

I was also a little surprised at the tone in your post, and among other scornful things didnt like the Leno & co. jokes on it too much.

But dont give yourself too hard a time about it. For all her deep disturbance, Ms.Nowak had lots of planning going into it and Ms.Shipman is most probably alive today only because she was very self-aware and conscious of her surroundings.

I was taken aback by a discussion on NYT that somehow had the maximum sympathy for this married mom attacker and probable would-be- murderess and very little for the single lady would-have-been-victim, with lots of invective directed at the divorced dad in between, Ben O.
Most of this came from commenters using womens names.

One got the bizarre feeling that had she gunned for Ben, there would have been applause.