March 11, 2007

Revathy Gopal, RIP

Poet, thoughtful writer and friend, Revathy Gopal, left us March 7 2007. Go well, Revathy. I'll miss you.

Update: Tributes:
  • by her nephew Rama.
  • by Space Bar.
  • by Kees Klok (Dutch).

    Update 2: Tribute from her son Kartik.
    And from Uma M-D.

    Annie Zaidi said...

    just found out through a link to her neice's blog. she used to teach us. wish i had had a clue that she was so sick... would have liked to call her at least.

    Space Bar said...


    Thanks. I'm linking to your post as well. I'm still in shock. It was so unbelievably rapid. There's a poetry reading here tomorrow, to celebrate Women's Day. I've said I will be reading from her work as well.

    Rama has requested me to organise readings. I will do one in Hyderabad. Will let you know if someone organises one in Bombay.



    Anonymous said...

    It's impossible to pigeonhole this woman into convenient societal slots. As someone who resisted the malignance of conformity with her very being, she would not want strait-jacketing labels imposed upon her; she facilely transcended wifedom, writerhood, sisterliness...She just WAS. That she was also my mother for thirty-five years is mere addendum to the joy and febrility with which she glided and glissaded through life. I don't think I ever opened myself to her the way I did during her last few weeks as she lay in her hospital bed enervated, draining away, and I am much the poorer for that, for losing out on those vast tracts of time in which I could've held her and confided in her and told her everything she deserved to hear again and again. I pray that she realised how precious she was to me, to everyone who knew her intimately or fleetingly and regarded her as much much more than a daubing brushstroke on the canvas of existence.

    Dilip D'Souza said...

    My thoughts with you, K. Your mother was a special lady. Remember her like that.

    blogdog said...

    A son's tribute to Revathy at: