March 02, 2007


Always good to catch up with Annie Z's stuff. Here's one more. It's a short account of a talk by Gloria Steinem.

Aside: Reminds me of this, of guys who equivocate instead of finding the guts to stand behind what they say. Not quite Steinem's way.


Jai_Choorakkot said...


had read and liked that piece on KT.

Wish you hadnt brought up that old debate thru that aside of yours. Blogger F seems to be on pretty OK terms with AZ views now.

I (and looks like quite a few others) did think you could have handled yourself a little better in that debate, esp. with your suggestions about GB & F.


Jai_Choorakkot said...

In making the above comment I know that you:
- do not jump thru hoops
- do not take tests
- are not concerned with what I think of your debating skills and techniques.

Whatever the above, AZ writes well. I first visited KT after going thru this debate and largely agreeing with the GB faction. AZ writes well enough to overcome negative starting bias.