April 09, 2007


In my post Snails from a few days ago, I wrote about a visit to Google in California, and to meeting Googleguys there. Then I asked, why have I called this post "Snails"?

A few creative answers were offered, including the suggestion that "Gooooooooogle" looks like a snail. But it took alert reader Amigo to come up with the right answer. Here's his comment:
    Obviously ... "Gogalguy". The Marathi word for "snail"! Hmm ... wonderin how the others ought to figure that out (non-Marathi knowing speaking junta).
Right you are, Amigo! That is indeed the Marathi word for snail. Ever since I first heard of Google -- like you, just a few weeks ago, of course -- I've wanted to visit there, go up to one of its employees and say, cheerily, "Hey Google guy! You're a snail! Ha ha!"

I've been pretty confident that cheery remark will so endear the employee to me that he will bring out the red carpet and whack me with it.

But anyway, I did visit Google last month and ... no, I didn't.

Amigo, I do know at least two non-Marathi speakers who know that word. But even so, it was just a throwaway question.

Like, when I eventually visit Peru and run into Quechua people, I plan to walk up to one at random and say, cheerily, "Hey Quechua! You're a tortoise! Ha ha!"


Anonymous said...

a turkish friend recently told me that in turkiye, a hindi means a turkey

Pupp M

Madhat said...

hmm.. not your best quiz question but nice to know

Anonymous said...

In Gujarati, a snail is a "gokalguy". No accident that Gujarat and Maharashtra are neighbors.