May 28, 2007

The captain and his drink

Man who went by the name "Hergé" was in the news last week, as were his comic-book creations. That's Tintin, Haddock and company; Georges Remi's birth centenary was a few days ago and he called himself "Hergé".

To wish him happy birthday, may I remind you of a quiz I had in this space two years ago.

And here's one more quiz, specifically to celebrate Haddock's fondness for certain liquids.

1) When does Captain Haddock think, momentarily, that his whisky is in pieces? Why?

2) What unusual shape (for a liquid) does his whisky once take? Why?

3) What animal makes off with one of his bottles of whisky?

4) Where and when does he have to pay 875 Khors as duty on his whisky?

5) What does he do with his glass of Sani-Cola, and what happens then?

6) When does he drink 250-year-old rum and what does he do immediately after?

7) At one point he clutches his backpack and says: "My whisky ... safe ... That's the main thing!" What was he doing immediately before? What happens next?


Bombay Addict said...

I don't have the exact answers to those questions, but I think they're all from "Tintin in Tibet". The only Tintin adventure which had some conversation in Hindi.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what the protocol is, but presumably if someone wants to think about the answers they should not read the comments section and, in any event,should not read on....

1) Calculus Affair? When the glass(es) begin breaking?
2) A ball in Explorers on the Moon when the "gravity" is switched off - presumably this means the rocket stops accelerating- must go back and see how it is done exactly.
3) A monkey in Tintin and the Picaros - it throws it back, conks him on the head and he has temporary amnesia (what is Haddock's first name?). Also, the Yeti in Tintin and Tibet. And technically, Cuthbert Calculus in the lifeboat in Red Rackham's Treasure, twice. Once he replaces many bottles of whisky with metal plates (his submarine). And a second time he steals a bottle to consume - subsequently, the bottle tips over for the benefit of Snowy.
4) Calculus affair - in Syldavia. I think this is easy since Haddock goes to Syldavia only once and where else would one pay in Khors?
5) Pours it into a potted plant. Said potted plant withers. Flight 714.
6) Ration my rum! This is obviously Red Rackham's Treasure. Naturally he goes back for more, into the Atlantic minus the helmet of his diving gear.
7) Charging down a Nepali hillside (actually when does Tintin actually cross over from Nepal to Tibet - I don't think he actually does. Maybe during one of the snow storms?) and trying to keep left (or was it right) of the relevant Tibetan (sacred) pile of stones (I must confess I have forgotten its name), because to pass to its right (or was it left?) would bring bad luck, and eventually managing to stop by using said pile of stones to brake. What happens next? The whisky does not remains safe. A large stone detaches itself from the top of the monument because of Haddock's impact and lands on the backpack.

To Bombay Addict, I can only say "kya? phir wahi" is not quite right. Only 3) and 7) are from Tintin in Tibet.


Rahul Siddharthan said...

I think Ravi is correct for 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. Not sure about 1: I don't think it is "The Calculus Affair", anyway. For 4, I seem to remember it's Destination Moon.

Incidentally, Haddock is one of the few names (I think the only one of major characters, except Tintin himself) retained from the French. (Haddock isn't a French word, so perhaps he's meant to be a stereotype of a British sailor.)

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected - of course Haddock goes to Syldavia in Destination Moon also. I will check on 4) tonight. Also on 1).

A further correction on 3): Technically the bottle thrown by the monkey(s) probably belonged to the monkey(s) rather than Haddock. Haddock finds the bottle, is disgusted that it is empty and throws it away and the monkeys throw it back. The bottle was however emptied by the monkeys earlier so they could claim rightful ownership. That leaves only the Yeti.


Dilip D'Souza said...

Sorry for the late reply to all you Tintin fans...

Between Rahul and Ravi, all answers right. Except #1.

1) Red Rackham's Treasure. On the ship, Calculus has substituted his submarine for the Captain's whisky. Captain finds the substitution and then Calculus, and asks him angrily where the whisky is. Calculus says it's on board. Captain says "Heaven be praised". Then Calculus says "naturally, it's in pieces."

2) Ball, in Explorers on the Moon.

3) The yeti in Tibet is right. I had forgotten the monkey, and I like you subsequent technical clarification, Ravi.

4) Entering Klow in Syldavia, Destination Moon.

5) Yep, he does pour it into a potted plant. Plant withers and a leaf falls on (where else?) Haddock's head.

6) Red Rackham's Treasure, rum found on ocean floor, he dives back in for more without, as Ravi points out, his helmet.

7) Yep, charging down that hillside, trying to keep left as per instructions, runs right into the chorten.