May 14, 2007

UP and up

It's curious. For various reasons, I dislike Mayawati, the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. But even so, there are several things about the UP assembly elections that please me no end:

  • The continuing marginalization of a party that seems unable to look beyond one family. That's the Congress, and that's the Gandhi family. They won about the same number of seats as in '02, but that remains a tiny fraction of their glory days in this largest of Indian states.

  • Not only did the BJP lose over three dozen seats compared to '02, but it also lost substantial vote share. (It is the only major party whose share of the vote actually declined).

  • A thoroughly crummy government -- Mulayam Singh's Samajwadi Party government -- got flung out as it fully deserved.

  • The absolute majority the BSP won, meaning that Mayawati comes to power on the BSP's own terms.

  • The rise of the BSP as a broader Indian theme.

    I think all these are signs of hope for this country. May there be more.

    Santosh said...


    yes i also don't appreciate Mayawati But then to there is some reason of sucess, the oppositation leader does all dadagiri and they have got a lesson, UP is such a state where there are large number of religion problem they mostly go on there side, i think do Mayawati will be able to kick all the gundas from the state do the state will get developed, do she can give right direction to people, let see what happen .

    amitscorpio said...

    I hope that happen, but by the look of the cabinet, there is no sign of gundagiri going away from UP. Take a look at the mayawati's cabinet. "Of the 19 Cabinet rank ministers sworn in on Sunday, at least 10 have pending criminal cases." For further info refer to this article:

    Anonymous said...

    exactly my feelings. nice title, btw.