May 16, 2007

We are ten

So now the count is up to at least double figures. In nearly three years blogging, I've been accused of being the same person as: a Shivangi, a Shivam, "Illogical Truisms", a Sudhakar, "anon1118", "FloggerDelux", a Nikhil Darell, sundry other anonymous commenters, a Rakesh ... and most recently, according to a comment I got that's unrelated to the post it's on, I'm a Purvi.

All the accusers are fully certain of the results of their deductive powers; some have even called themselves "very bright" for figuring out that I'm one or the other of all these people.

Schizophrenic? Who, us? Not on our lives!


Anonymous said...

Best ignored Dilip. suggest you dont bother keeping track.

Interesting nugget I found at, wanted to share it:

Bryan Caplan's Myth of the Rational Voter:

Bryan's hypothesized "process of irrationality":

Be rational on topics where you have no emotional attachment to a particular answer.

On topics where you have an emotional attachment to a particular answer, keep a "lookout" for questions where false beliefs imply a substantial material cost for you.

If you pay not substantial material costs of error, go with the flow; believe whatever makes you feel best.

If there are substantial material costs of error, raise your level of intellectual self-discipline in order to become more objective.

Balance the emotional trauma of heightened objectivity - the progressive shattering of your comforting illusions - against the material costs of error.


km said...

Yeah, just who ARE you, Dilip?

Dilip D'Souza said...

just who ARE you

Us. Him. You. We all. She over there.