June 08, 2007

Ate those

News is that activists of the Shiv Sena party found out recently that Orkut has "certain hate-communities ... which allegedly contained derogatory material about Shivaji and the Thackeray family." Therefore and naturally, they vandalised a cyber cafe. (Quote in italics from same news report).

Also naturally, they demanded a ban on Orkut. Just as naturally, this has prompted the state and central governments to "mull" such a ban. "We were hurt", one of the activists said. "Even Congress workers would have done the same thing had the remarks been about Sonia Gandhi."

So what I did was, I went searching on Orkut for communities that hate one or the other thing. Here is a tiny -- let me repeat that, tiny -- sample of what I found:

hate trinamool
hate kareena kapoor
hate bjp
hate congress
hate sonia
hate india
hate those who hate india
hate silicone breasts
hate pakistan
hate those who hate pakistan
hate usa
hate israel
hate hindu college
hate arjun singh
hate bush
hate blair
hate god
hate musharraf
hate manmohan
hate rahul dravid
hate those who hate rahul dravid
hate hatred
hate sachin tendulkar
hate those who hate sachin
hate those who like sachin
hate vp singh
hate saurav ganguly
hate those who hate saurav ganguly
hate sehwag
hate those who hate sehwag
hate inzamam
hate dhoni
hate dhoni's hair
hate those who hate dhoni
hate terribly thin women
hate indira gandhi
hate gandhi
hate rajiv gandhi
hate nehru
hate nehru family
hate ekta kapoor
hate modi
hate china
hate pune's roads
hate himesh reshammaiya
hate religion
hate greg chappell
hate aishwarya rai
hate cricket
hate sania mirza
hate caste
hate amitabh bachchan
hate aamir khan
hate those who hate aamir khan

Among other things, I now expect activists who hate those who hate those who hate those who ate those who hate those who hate Sachin to go trash cyber cafes somewhere and then call for a ban on Orkut.

PS: One thing I noticed: it looks like a substantial proportion of the various "hate [something]" communities on Orkut are populated by Indians, or about Indians, or about Indian issues. Why? Is there a lesson of sorts here?

Or does this indicate Orkut's particular appeal in India? And if so, why that appeal? Is there a lesson there?


Kartik said...

Its all fate... oops no, hate!

BTW I'm pretty sure this comes under the ambit of freedom of expression :-) - trashing random cybercafes, no - hating those who hate hate communities targetting Sourav Ganguly, yes.

But then mobs always pack some heat - err, hate.

Anonymous said...

Vandalising the cyber cafe is classic case of shooting the messenger in the Internet-age, which brings us to the question.
What did Shiv sena's goon-sena tell the cyber cafe (and the Internet and Orkut etc.) before the vandalism?
Sources close this source (who were also close to the source of the incident) have confirmed they were shouting "Khabardaar, khabar-daar!" Thats the khabar, dear.

acrain said...

a look at the demographics shows that orkut members are mostly Brazil based followed by US and India..

even among the US based users , my guess is half of those are Indians based in US. I think Orkut is a social networking very popular among Indians..and My space is the one popular among westerners and the US.

These sites work on the network concept where the entry barrier is high as more and more of your friends are on a particular site you are obliged to be there as well

And i think the brazilian word for 'hate' is spelt differently :)

Hence the abundance of Indians in those hate groups, my hunch is you will find the same proportion in Love groups as well ;-)

~ Anil

Michael Deibert said...

This is too perfect.

I first found out about Orkut when I was living in Rio de Janeiro, where it was evidently being used by some police-paramilitaries as a recruiting tool to drum up membership of like-minded souls to take on Rio's drug cartels via extra-judicial means. Very Brazilian.

Good to know the Shiv Sena has put a particularly Indian twist on things!

amitscorpio said...

No wonder its shiv sena .... they always needed some reason or other to keep their terror reins!! They could have approached the police but no why would we go to police when we can vandalize a poor person's cyber cafe and come in news. I am sure there would be no case against them !! Welcome to goon raj!!

Anonymous said...

So sad that there's nothing out there stating 'hate Dilip dcubed dorkinath D'Souza'? You just lucked out from another one of those 'poor me victim' article I guess. Dammn those hindutvadis, damn you Thackeray, damn you Advani, damn dam dam dam...

Hey Dilip, any word on the Khar Mid-day office which Cong goons trashed after the July 05 deluge? You write for Mid-day right?
If you need photos or some articles on the stellar achievements of local cong criminals, please do ask. I'm sure your version of browser has a block on it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone hates something, everyone hates someone hating something, everyone hates everyone else who hates etc. Dilip thinks there is too much hatred floating around. How does one nip all the hate at the bud? Ban Orkut, Ban the internets, bang the cyber cafes. Simple.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anil for the informative comment. Appreciate the delta it made in my thinking from reading just Dilip's tailpiece.

IMHO all good blogs need an active commentspace with that kind of cross flow. Good to see more comments on this blog.


Anil P said...

At an individual level their cadre reflect where they come from and bring with them their mores . . . and this says a lot about the party than anything ever will.

Moreover where the oxygen of freedom is barred entry into the shanties of their mind, and hence class, only hate can sustain them, the party cadre that is . . . as well as those who sprout these communities.

Anonymous said...

frankly, the lesson here is that we progressives are falling back on our hatred. Dilip, you must step up to the plate -- it is not enough to hate on hindu nationalists from your blog, it is time to start an Orkut community. Call it, I wont stop till India becomes a Cuba or something, we're right behind you.

zap said...

To see Orkut Demographics: Go to the News tab on the Orkut control panel and click on the Demographics button on the left.

India comes in at number 3 with about 16% users. Agree with Anil on the fact that there will be many more 'I love' and 'I admire' sites than the ones Dilip mentions.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Thanks for the pointers to demographics, Anil and Zap.

The first two pages of an Orkut search for "hate" communities list 7 communities that seem obviously Indian-centric.

The first two pages of a search for "love" communities list 3 communities that seem obviously Indian-centric (two are "I love India" and "I love my India").

The "love" communities, though, tend to be much larger. So overall, from this simple check I would tend to agree with Anil and Zap too.

But I still wonder why so many of the "hate" communities are populated by Indians, or about Indians, or about Indian issues.

Michael, any word on how successful the Rio police were in this intriguing use of Orkut?

acrain said...

i am just tossing an idea here, with no great research or experience with people of other nationality.

It seems to be that the average Indian is quite a stale person. There is only sport that interests him : Cricket, only one form of entertainment : Films.

In my work with a NGO i work with bottom of the employement pyramid and they really are sad in terms of ability, interests, skills.

Dilip, am just wondering that all this activism, hate clubs on orkut, communal crap is all due to a lack of interest, abilities among the populace. So few of our country men have any interests than gossip, religion and money. AM i making sense?

~ Anil

NRkey Menon said...

Oh I smell a cyber war comin up...
and we shall hate no more!!!

great post!