June 14, 2007

Many visits

Only occasionally do I check the Sitemeter figures for this blog. But when I did it this morning, to my astonishment I found a big spike in visits here over the last day. I'm talking an over fourfold increase -- and apparently counting -- in the number. What's more, the majority of the hits that I could see registered this morning are from the same host address, done over a period of, as far as I can tell, about an hour this morning.

Finding out that much, I feel like a detective, or an intrepid investigative journalist. But sadly for those visions, that's where I've run out of steam. What explains all this? Any suggestions?


madhukar said...

has happened to me a couple of times.... once I tried to locate the server through ip address. It lead to an institute's server.

access to net in many institutes, including mine, is though a common shared server - so if a student/ member discovers something of common interest, and passes along the link to others who then access your site, then you may see the access coming from the same ip address

zap said...

(sheepish grin) It could have been me. One of the keys on my keyboard got stuck and inadvertently opened about 20 tabs of Death Ends Fun.
I then proceeded to read the 'Tantum religio' article as many times, as I am slow in the mornings (my BMR and IQ are linked)
I'm sueing Dell for wasting my time.
A decidedly tepid solving of your case, mr. private eye, if indeed this is the explanation.

zap said...

forgive me though, for assuming such low visit figures for your wonderful page.

amitscorpio said...

I guess Madhukar has given a very logical explanation!!!

Anonymous said...

were they the same pages visited ?? or different updates on your blog ?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Thank you Madhukar. That seems logical. I don't remember the ip address and am not really interested in finding out who it belongs to, but your explanation probably fits best.

Zap, I'm flattered that your interest in this site gets keys on your keyboard to stick ...

Anonymous, I have no idea. I didn't check that minutely. Just looked at the numbers.

Anonymous said...

Could be me D! I often come to your website (its the only one I can manage to remember to google in directly - very savvy branding there! and then go on to other blogs from there so I click multiple times.

Anyway you obviously have some high-frequency users as the rsponses to this post attest to!