June 25, 2007

Not worried about you

    "I remember during ... a one-dayer at Sussex, [Dean Jones] top-edged a hook onto his face and fractured a cheekbone, forcing him to retire hurt. By the time he returned to the ground after his hospital visit, I had moved into the 80s, but we lost eight wickets in the process before, unbelievably, 'Jonah' made his way out to the middle with a black eye, swollen beyond recognition, under his helmet. My first words to him were, 'Don't be silly, mate, it doesn't matter to me whether or not I get a hundred. You don't need to risk any more damage.' With typical Jones defiance he replied, 'I'm not worried about you -- I want a hundred myself.' Optimism was his strong suit, but I doubted he could get the 86 more runs he needed for his century in the eight overs remaining with only one eye working. But I loved his attitude."
Australian cricketer Steve Waugh, writing in his autobiography Out of My Comfort Zone.


Kavi said...

No wonder, they scaled the heights that they did !

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

My favourite Aussie story - Western Australia come out to bowl in the 4th innings, defending 83. Their captain says something on the lines of 'Let's try and get a few wickets'.

Young tearaway says 'What's wrong with fucking winning?' Takes 7 for 53. Dennis Keith Lillee.

Details may follow. Or you could mail 'em to me.


Dilip D'Souza said...


That sounds uncannily like the Test that gave us the Ashes, England v Australia in 1882.

England chasing 85 to win, Aussie fast man (who already took 7/46 in the first innings) famously tells his mates "This thing can be done", takes 7/44 and Australia wins by 7 runs.

Frank "The Demon" Spofforth.