June 30, 2007

Raining again

It's raining again/Oh no, my love's at an end/Oh will my heart ever mend ...

Hmm, maybe not, even if Supertramp felt that way. But here in the greatest metropolis in India, it is raining again indeed. We had about one-and-half days of truly monsoon-style rain, last weekend (June 24).


  • Landline phone dead. Thus broadband internet service dead too. Phone company general manager was quoted saying this is due to "cable faults" caused by other utility companies who dig indiscriminately. He was also quoted as saying all phone services would be restored by today June 30.

  • Roads awash in new, crumbly potholes. Even roads that were resurfaced within the last month or two.

  • Branches and sometimes entire trees have fallen all round the neighbourhood. Sometimes pushed to the side of the road, they remain uncollected, gathering neighbourhood trash by the hour.

  • Various areas were flooded with sometimes shin-deep water, for hours.

    One week later, today June 30 we had another spell of monsoon-style rain.


  • Other landline phone is dead.

  • Stretches of roads and highways like rivers. Especially bad stretch was in Chembur. Police were directing traffic away from it, but our bus driver chose to take his chances; luckily he made it.

  • Electricity gone for long periods in various areas of the city.

  • Railway tracks at Bandra flooded, no trains running.

  • One positive sign: road near us that, for years and years now, has always got flooded with even an hour of rain, has remained clear through these rains. Clearly, some resurfacing work has, well, worked.

    km said...

    Dubya would have declared War on Monsoon by now.

    Philip said...

    Mumbai is a crappy place to live. Wonder why still people want to go there? There are so many other Indian cities with better infrastructure. ...and am not speaking of the metros.

    At least it doesn't get flooded this way.