July 15, 2007

Housing Catch-22

Still struggling with net access essentially knocked out by rain in Bombay, circa 2007...

The third article in my series on Dharavi for Tehelka is called A Housing Catch-22.

Kitna palti kiya
Kick in the stomach

Your thoughts welcome.


Samir said...
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Anonymous said...

My name is Saudamini Singh Bagai, and I am a student at the
University of Chicago. At the moment I am doing research on
the health seeking behaviour of Indigenous tribes for an NGO
called 'Apne Aap'. During the course of my research I came
upon your book, Branded by Law. In the book you have quoted
from The Underworld of India by Sir George McMunn. I was
wondering where one could locate a copy of that book? I
have looked in the Parliament library and haven't come up
with anything. Any leads on that book would be appreciated.

csm said...

dilip - after yesterday's borivali building tragedy, i just wonder how safe/secure the new SRA buildings will be.
already there must be over 1000 SRA buildings in the city and i just pray that the builders have not jeopardised the strength of the structures. we are in a seismic sensitive zone already.

Dilip D'Souza said...

Samir, thanks. I don't know enough about the American experience, and while I would like to know more about it, I'm not sure I can fit that in to this series. But it may fit into another project I'm trying to get off the ground (which those US travels were about), and if it flies, I'll thank you for the reminder, as well as for the pointer to the report.

The name, incidentally, is not "Dinesh"...

csm, a good thought, but again, I don't know enough. It is a question I'll try to ask the right people at some point, though.

Samir said...

Very sorry about the name slip Dilip... I wonder if you're familiar with the work of Sudhir Venkatesh at Colombia University, whose work was highlighted in the bestseller Freakonomics. He made this film called Dislocation as well.