July 28, 2007

Rajnikanth, Recycling and the Reconty Boys

My plaintive excuse for a while now is history: a mere five weeks after it went blink, my broadband service is on air again. Only 35 days. India shines.

Nevertheless. Really. Anyway.

I have a fifth article published in my series on Dharavi for Tehelka: Rajnikanth, Recycling and the Reconty Boys.

Comments welcome.

The previous four:
Kitna palti kiya
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Housing Catch-22
Spaces we call ours


Anonymous said...

Read only the fifth part. This is the first time I'm reading your blog space. Impressive article. We do share quite a few concerns.

Slums was a topic I had thought of writing about a little later. My views are pretty similar to those in your article. But the slums of Dharavi as depicted in your article are, I would say, an exception to the actual truth. Slums like the ones I see at Chennai are far from becoming any such "work areas". The necessary action is to CONVERT those slums into places of opportunity for the dwellers and slowly lift those people out of poverty.

I am just a beginner. Hope to write about more issues soon. Do visit my blog raptrap.blogspot.com and post your comment too. Like minded people can do wonders in generating ideas. Who knows someday they might be of use.


Ayush Sharma

Anonymous said...

For a non_mumbai non-MH person, I think Hosuing Catch-22 supplies the maximum context/ backstory and is the place to start if you are reading the series from scratch.


Moonie said...

The article is interesting but reeks of prejudice! I guess against that Bala guy! The article doesn't potray a balanced view. You have humanized the slum and its dwellers but it doesn't take away the facts which Bala put across.

The other Q in my mind is why can't all the activities which happen in Dharavi not happen in places further away in more sanitized areas of greater bombay?