August 24, 2007

Don't want higher fares

Lines from the memoirs of a once-General Manager of Bombay's bus service, BEST:
    "But quite soon it became clear that ... the Undertaking could not escape from its [precarious financial] condition without a substantial fare increase. My predecessor, and his predecessor, had reached this conclusion much earlier. ... So I sought support for a rise from [a State Minister]. He agreed that fares would have to rise, but advised me to wait till after the general election, a full nine months away. ... [I] thought it was unethical to win an election on a pretence that low bus fares would continue, and then to raise them after the polls.

    Yet only three months before the election a stormy meeting of the [Municipal] Corporation did approve a fare rise. That was on the 24th October 1966. New fare tables had now to be prepared and distributed to the bus conductors. I fixed the 2nd of November as the day for the introduction of the new fares. On the 1st of November, at [a prominent and respected politician's] instance, one of the courts issued an interim injunction against the change. [He] was a prominent member of the XYZ Party, which saw in the move a chance of winning votes in Bombay."
Question: Just by reading these lines, what do you think XYZ is?


To anyone who is still interested, I had something broadly similar in Fast growth. Sorry for not answering that question so far, but I promise to answer both together in a post very soon.


Keerthi Kiran said...

is it shiv sena? as it was just formed few months before the incident.

Anjali said...

My guess is the Shiv Sena as well.

Anonymous said...

Not the Sena, Im sure. Didnt dcubed use the word "respected"?

Anonymous said...

Here is someone who is still looking forward to the "Fast growth" answers :)