September 28, 2007


For various reasons, I've not been staying at home for some weeks. Been coming in and out every now and then, but only for a few minutes at a time. Important thing to note therefore, in the context that follows: there's been nobody to answer my phone for some weeks, and specifically for the last few days.

Today, I walk in and the phone is ringing. I pick it up and it's a voice I've heard before (the man from Delhi). It says, "Your Pakistan lost the match! Did you see, your Pakistan lost the match to us! You can go back there now!"

Besides assorted other epithets.

Apparently there are people who watch India beating Pakistan at cricket and their first thought is, "let me call this guy I dislike and thumb my nose at him!" Like this dude.

Still, poor guy. Close to 96 hours since the end of that match. How many times has he phoned in that time, hoping to tell me this?


km said...

Maybe you should try setting up a voicemail for your, ahem, over-zealous readers. And then post the audio files on a blog.

Anonymous said...

The guy sounds obsessed and psychotic. I am not too sure you should be taking this too lightly.

Jai_Choorakkot said...

Same here. Wonder how he got your contact number. If this is a regular thing, I'd say you should do something: change the #, trace it back, let this chap know he's not anon anymore. At least get caller ID and voice mail and record this stuff up.