October 22, 2007

Mumbai's Moment

This struck home. Maybe it will for you too.


Samir said...

Do you like 'Maximum City'? It's my favorit-est book ever...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I see, and Shobhaa De's husband is one of the richest men in town, right? Right, and maybe how Ranadip Shipping got its billions and how Dilip De's wife died so mysteriously around the same time that Shobhaa De dumped the French Ambassador, that needs to be reflected on a bit.

But then, like so many things, this is pre-Google and who will ask Olga Tellis?

Dilip D'Souza said...

Samir, I think Maximum City is a superb piece of journalism, something that set the bar for plenty of us other writers.

Anon120am: that needs to be reflected on a bit.

Maybe so, I don't know. But what does it all have to do with what's in this article?

Anonymous said...

Phoenix.. that was well written repartee but I beg to ask if u ever lived in Mumbai?
I did once ...and everytime I visit it now...the contrasts grow, the disparity is wider than any other city in India
I feel the article is not about comparing cities...it is about Mumbai, maybe even about the way India is heading if a countries commercial capital is any indicator of its economic future


Anonymous said...

RU -
I stand exposed - I have spent more than 4 days in Bombay, and I also don't quite see it like other people do. Maybe when/if I do go and live there for a sizable chunk of time, I will share other people's vision of it (but I doubt it :-) ). As for comparing cities, I was doing the comparing only because of other recent activity on my blog and other people's (and also because of the superficial nonsense and outdated statements made about Delhi in the article itself). And also because all said and done, the NYT writes a lot of nonsense about India on a regular basis.
And also because railing like I do runs in my blood, and by the time the dust clears, it's too late, my post has been published :-)