November 17, 2007

You'll accompany me

    I love wearing glam clothes from jeans to ultra minis if they suit me. Sharad (Kelkar) is cool with it. He chooses the clothes that I should wear for a function. He’s cool with my clothes but his only condition is that he will accompany me. I find that cute.
-- Someone called Kirti Gaekwad, in "I love skimpy clothes", DNA, November 17 2007.

Don't have too many ultra minis meself, but those fraying jeans of mine, hanging on the bathroom hook? I'm looking at them with new eyes, oh yes. As of tonight, they're "glam".

And ... I chose the clothes, I was cool with 'em, but I didn't accompany anyone. (Not that anyone asked). No wonder nobody found me cute.

1 comment:

Parul said...

hehhe...maybe nobody looked at you properly